Always missing the Vietnamese Cafe Sua Da


Whenever I land in Vietnam, one of the first missed drinks I order is the famous cà phê sữa đá, or iced milk coffee. As you see from the photo below, I tend to check in most coffee shops showing the ca phe sua da.

Highlands Cafe Sua Da
Highlands Cafe Sua Da in Dian, Vietnam
I have a preference for strong coffee filled up to the top of my glass. This allows me to get some more coffee while I wait for the ice to melt. Ca phe sua da, this way, can give a big caffeine kick.
As in the picture below, I also like to drink ca phe sua da right before lunch. Lunch meals tend to put me asleep in Vietnam so that extra caffeine means I will not fall asleep as I ride back home.
Al Fresco Cafe Sua Da
Al Fresco’s Cafe Sua Da in District 1

Of course, all Vietnamese coffee tastes good. I limit myself to one ca phe sua da per day. I do not really want to get fat from it. If I need another coffee, I will visit other popular coffee shops. Vietcetera Cafe in Saigon is one new coffee shop in Saigon that offers great tasting coffee.

Coffee from Vietcetera
Coffee from Vietcetera

In about one month, I will be returning to Saigon for a short holiday.  That means, if lucky, I will be able to have another ca phe sua per day.