Khai Vietnamese Nouveau Reinvents Contemporary Asian Cooking


A review of a Bay Area Vietnamese restaurant, Khai Vietnamese Nouveau.

Khai Vietnamese Nouveau, which opened on Townsend and 7th Street at the end of 2016, implies a kind of fusion food, the likes of which we’ve seen before. Maybe French-inflected Vietnamese cooking, I thought, or pan-Asian hybrid dishes that incorporate local ingredients into traditional cooking styles. It is neither of these things. Rather, Khai is an homage to chef Khai Duong’s home, Nha Trang (a coastal city in southern Vietnam); the classical cooking techniques he learned at Le Cordon Bleu; and his large imagination for envisioning unique flavor combinations for both our local bounty and for special imported ingredients you won’t see elsewhere in the U.S. Source: KQED Food.

Chef Khai Duong
Chef Khai Duong (Image: KQED Food)

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