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Kevin Miller (kevmille), Veve Kristanti, and Thuy Nguyen (betoneko) together in Saigon, Vietnam
Kevin Miller (kevmille), Veve Kristanti, and Thuy Nguyen (betoneko) together in Saigon, Vietnam

Welcome on board!

LilVN is not like any other Vietnam expats news sites that you know. It looks at Vietnam from the outside and features the life of former expats and Vietnamese living overseas.

Since Vietnam opened up its door to welcome foreign investors and workers, it has welcomed hundred thousands of expats coming to work and live in the country. Many fall in love with the country, some have stayed and some have left to start their new journey. We will look into their lives after Vietnam: where they are now, what they do, how to they cope with the Vietnam nostalgia. 

We also take a closer look at the Vietnamese community overseas. In 2015, the Vietnamese diaspora is estimated to be 4 millions, the majority of whom reside in the US, France, Germany, Australia, Taiwan… The increasing number of Vietnamese students studying abroad also adds up to the overseas community. Over the years we also witness the growth of Vietnamese establishments outside the country: restaurants, cafes, shops and boutiques. We would like to do reviews (anonymously or unanimously) on these stores who sell “Vietnam” as a brand. 

So whether you’re an expat or a Vietnamese, whether Vietnam is your former, current or even future home, this site is for you. Come share with us your love and reminiscence of this S-shaped country that has a place in your heart.

Thuy Nguyen (betoneko) is a writer, educator and traveler with a curiosity about people and life . She is currently living in Brussels, Belgium.